Nintendo turns an antitrust lawsuit into a lucrative sales promotion  

The original third-party game publisher embraces the floppy disk

Yes, Virginia, Street Fighter and Black Tiger were officially announced for the NES

You are cordially invited to preview Nintendo’s 1998 line-up at the Grand Hyatt

The strange story of how I was asked to sell 3DO consoles to Japanese gamers

Now you’re playing with power…worlds of power

…as explained by a nice man in a bow tie

For PlayStation fans, a nostalgic treat. For Sega fans, a kick in the teeth

“How to Hack an ATM” is not among the contents, sadly

A time-capsule conversation with the creator of million-selling games like Pitfall!

Ripped from a VHS tape, probably seen at the Consumer Electronics Show

What did Konami accomplish in the early ’80s that had never been done before?

SNK begrudgingly offers a few paragraphs to help you beat its classic action RPG

The last gasp of the TurboGrafx-16/TurboDuo in North America

A behind-the-scenes look at the legendary “lost” PlayStation Madden game

S’more hot hints from “the guy in the back” (but nothing on Bio Force Ape)

The flap over “adult” video games, plus a rare Atari-era advertisement

Three vintage TV spots for T•HQ games on the Super NES

You’re a retailer who sells Nintendo products. Which ones will you carry in 1990?

The day I scored a rare promotional poster for one of my favorite video games

Something you don’t see every day: an instruction manual for an unreleased game

A behind-the-scenes look at Atari Games’ stop-motion animated beat-’em-up

Meet the Capcom Racing Team (and some colorful decorations for your wall)

“Zombie Hoards [sic] Attack U.S.!” Is this “The Ultimate Kid Fantasy Come True”?

A few words to defend the maligned reputation of a failed video-game system

A hedgehog named Sonic meets a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil

A $1.2 million budget to advertise products that were never released

Who was the mysterious figurehead behind this up-and-coming game developer?

“If you think this newsletter is cool, don’t keep it a secret. Tell your friends…”

An unlikely spokesman reveals Sega’s new games. “Yeah buddy! Ow, get down!”

Yes, I ate them. No, I don’t remember what they tasted like.

New game info in Kemco-Seika’s snoozeletter...I mean, “noozletter.”

The floor plan to Nintendo’s booth at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show

“It’s the most effective display unit ever to come your way!”

A collection of chiptunes, and the Multi-Matrix Sound System explained at long last

The game was never released in North America, but the packaging did exist

Watch as your favorite video-game journalists shamelessly promote Midway games

Is this the first consumer instruction manual ever created for an arcade video game?

Meet Yutaka and find out why “working at Hudson is really something special”

Hyping the Sega Master System just two months before the Sega Genesis appeared

Behind the scenes with Johnny Turbo and the TurboDuo ad agency

Use your Psycho-Wave to guess the secret history of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Catch a fleeting glimpse of George Lucas’ personalized Star Wars arcade cabinet

See how Midway obtained the NBA license for the original NBA JAM

Did the Soviets remove one of Mario’s fingers as part of the Tetris agreement?

Is this “the most intriguing game that was never released for the NES”?

Why collectors will never find a copy of the unreleased game Dweebers for the NES

How to make a Double Dragon sequel in three moves or less

Unseen for 20 years, Sega's long-lost 32X infomercial has finally been found

More to come….

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